About Your Trainer 

Michael George Phillips knows New Decision Therapy (NDT) works because it fixed a pattern of self-sabotage that haunted him for much of his adult working life.  He desired to work as a Healer and never got it to a successful level. He never could quit his day job and do healing full time. Maybe you’ve heard of the pattern: Try hand and fail?  That was his pattern. It just seemed like one step forward and two steps back. Learning New Decision Therapy restored balance in his genetic behavior trait and released dozens of blocks that stemmed back to his father’s side of the family tree.

Michael remembers that after the workshop he thought nothing had changed. Then suddenly friends began asking, “Are you OK? You seem different.” They perceived a confidence in him that he did not notice. Soon he was booked a year and six months in advance and had to quit his day job just to keep up with the Eye Reading and NDT seminars. What a surprise after one 20 minute session in front of the mirror. All those years of struggle - GONE!  Michael believes New Decision Therapy healed his pattern of sabotage and success has followed him ever since. Because of his personal NDT experience with Kandis and the success rate it offers, he firmly believes that this is the missing link to the Rayid Eye Reading Therapy. “I believe, if you go into the eye and access the DNA code of behavior, you should be able to go back into the eye and change the energy within the behavior pattern.” He said.

Michael is kept busy as the Founder and Director of the Association of Ocular Sciences in Los Angeles. A two time board member of Rayid International 1995-97, he wrote the very first Rayid Certification program for teacher and practitioners. He introduced New Decision Therapy to the international Rayid community, and received his training of ndt basic, intermediate, and master teacher certification and a mandate from Ms. Blakley, the developer of New Decision Therapy  (NDT),  to “Tell it to the World”. She wrote that in my master teacher training handbook!   "MICHAEL, TELL IT TO THE WORLD!" 

And so I am. My dream is to align together Rayid Eye Reading and New Decision Therapy, the two greatest healing tools currently available, and bring them to the attention of the public. For more information, email to monasteryofherbs@yahoo.com